Monday, December 29, 2014

Red is...

Andrea Ruso - 122914 - SideB
Red is deep anger that never comes out
Red is believing, and then having doubt.
Red reeks of revenge, of suffering and hate.
Red is being thirsty and having to wait.

Red, in a painting, makes one hot and confused,
It’s the anger of crying when you feel you’ve been used.
Red is that voice, deep in your head,
It could keep you back, but pushes ahead.

It mocks you silently with a voice full of hate,
“You can’t do it, you are weak, and it is your fate.”
Red feels like fire, singeing your heart,
It’s wanting to be together, but having to part.

Red is running through desert and sun,
It’s needing a friend, but having none.
Red is the heart that’s been broken in two,
It’s hearing those lies, and wanting what’s true. 
Color Me Red ~ Starr Williams
Andrea Ruso - 122914 SideB

Red is...

Andrea Ruso - 122914 SideB
The hardest thing to define is a color.  If I ask you to tell me what is red, you probably have two choices.  Scientifically you could say red are the colors of the visible spectrum around and above 380nm (accurate, but it doesn't refer to what red is like), or you could give me examples of red like stop signs, red hair (which can be orange), blood (the blood rich with oxygen), and other items.  That still doesn't tell me what red is or what it means.

For starters, we know not everyone experiences red the same.  My red may be your pink or green.  Women prefer cool reds that are more toward violet and men prefer warmer reds leaning toward orange.  

Red can symbolize passion, sex (red-light district), rage (seeing red), violence, and war.  In some cultures it means purity while others it means "sullen".  For more cultural and general interpretations of red, please explore this link. 

Red seems so powerful, yet if you are a painter of walls or art, you know that red is a tough color to lay down.  It is almost transparent and needs so many coats to build up a rich depth.   Red needs to be very concentrated.

For me, red symbolizes all these things, context is important for me though.  When it comes to the color of hair, it holds a charge for me, but in different ways.  Natural red is like treasured gold to behold and revere, to take.  Chosen red is something different that suggests to me power, passion, sensuality, and rebellion.  It is to be taken, but can never be taken lightly.  It is also to be taken by.

What does red mean for you?
Andrea Ruso - 122914 SideB

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